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Starting from a successful store, opened in 1981 in the historic center of a seaside town, in 2012 we decided to land on the web, with the aim of extending the quality of our service worldwide.


Seven reasons to buy glasses from us!

First of all because we are a small company willing to be a proof that it is still possible to do quality business without trampling on other people's rights:
- We are not disposed to practice unethical business strategies to increase revenue.
- We do not send advertising e-mails and we protect your data..
We respect the planet by using only recycled material for packaging.

Second, we like to satisfy our customers. Sympathy, kindness, informality in communication, passion, perfectionism, forty years of experience in the profession, are the tools we use to achieve this goal.

Third reason, we're a bit of a vanity persons, so we love getting compliments from satisfied customers and we do everything we can to make sure they are. 

Fourth, fifth and sixth reasons, we sell the most popular eyewear brands, we are always looking for new brands with which to satisfy the most alternative tastes, and we describe the products expertly so that customers can feel confident in making a purchase. 

Seventh reason, we respond to your emails within minutes offering free advice before and after purchases, but we are also available to those who meet us by chance in the network, to offer information on the world of optics.

Still unconvinced?

Go to the shop and put us to the test!


Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 37 09124 Cagliari
Phone: 0039 070 668503
VATIN: IT01092820925
The website:
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Ottica Zucca di Zucca Francesco
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 37
09124 Cagliari

Tel. 3515254950 - 070668503

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